Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bird Watching: Remarkable Birds (part 2 of 2)

The largest bird can be measured in three possible ways, heaviest, tallest and longest wingspan.  Apparently,  all of the record holders for the three are already extinct.  The heaviest bird was the extinct  Dromornis stirtoni from Australia. This flightless giant lived between 1 and 15 million years ago and probably stood nearly 3m/10ft tall and weighed in at a massive 500kg/1100lb.

The tallest bird ever was, as far as we know, Dinornus maximus, a Giant Moa from New Zealand. While the bird with the longes  wingspan  is the The Giant Teratorn (Argentavis magnificens) had a wingspan of at least 6M/19.5ft and could possibly have been as large as 7.5m/25ft that was  used to be in the  United States.

The largest living bird is the Ostrich  The heaviest flying bird is the Kori Bustard of Africa (Ardeotis kori), a number of specimens have been scientifically recorded weighing 19kg (42lb).  M eanwhile, the smallest bird Bee Hummingbird from Cuba.

We can learn a lot from birds.  Bird watching is never merely just watching them but also it is observing and learning from them and from nature.

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