Thursday, November 12, 2015

iPhone Complaints (part 2 of 2)
- People with larger fingers will find it hard to use the iPhone because of its touch screen. If you want to send or open files through Bluetooth, you can’t do it with the iPhone.

Aside from the hardware complaints, there are also iPHone software complaints. For example, voice dialing through the iPhone is not possible; there are only 25 tunes that you can use as a ringtone and it is also not possible to get iTunes music and use it as a ring tone; customers who send files or blogs by email will not be able to cut/paste text through iPhone; MS Office documents can only be displayed on the iPhone and you can’t edit or create new ones; despite the gadgets’ high –resolution screen, the web browser lacks Flash support and this means that some multimedia rich sites will not open.

A lot of people are already aware of the iPhone complaints but since owning an iPhone is like a trend, sales of the gadget continue to increase year after year. iPhone has incredible features but that doesn’t change the fact that many customers encounter problems when using the fashionable gadget.

If you’re not that conscious about following the latest fashion trends, then perhaps you can invest in other more affordable gadgets like the iPod and some phones that offer the same or even better features. Just make sure that the item you choose meets your lifestyle and suits your needs.

Investing in an iPhone is good especially if you’re always on the go and you love listening to music. So, are you still going to purchase the fashionable gadget despite the many customer complaints? Well, it’s up to you.

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